Right Now

I’m watching a Brazilian film called “Rat Fever” (A Febre do Rato) by Cláudio Assis. It’s a black and white film with beautiful photography and features a vociferous street poet called Zizo. Remember when we were like Zizo? Big mouth poets, rabble rousers, creative and cretinous? Whatever happened to us? If everyone else is an ’emerging’ writer these days, then maybe we are ‘retreating’ writers. Friend, do you remember the blue storm, the night it rained and never stopped? We raised the large black umbrella, put our heads inside it, and never came out again.

Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 11.09.34

10 thoughts on “Right Now

    • Thank you for letting me know Rebecca! I never knew – but you remember I love snow, right?

      ps I am about to start blogging or something again – I just started writing for Zouch Magazine – I can basically write what I want to there – fancy an interview? (please please pleaseeee) here’s my first post http://zouchmagazine.com/just-saying-hello/#.VIoncVV1-uY

      lotsa love to ya Radish Queen

      M xx

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